well here i am agin. since i last wrote i had a heart attack.....this turned my world upside down. i have tests
and dr. visists ahead of me. it scared me because it was so painful. i just wanted to live to be 80 or older
but that is not going to happen. i feel scared and feel the rug has been pulled out from under me. i was
given a death sentence. when i cant afford medical insurance after working a life time because they raise
the rates so high it is unaffordable, and i cant afford long term care for heart diease. so if your not whealthy
or if you cant afford the high price medical insurance. well your life is going to be much shorter and there
is nothing you can do about it. i feel i have been cheated out of life. which i enjoy so much..i just have 6
feet under to look forward to. i am depressed and under standably so, i wish i could here i love you from
my dear friend but nothing even if it makes me feel better he wont say those magic words. what does that
say about me and my friend is that we are only that. i know he cares for me but that is the size of it.
i am unsure about everything now. and us well we will see how much he is there for me? i hope to here
from some one i could use some kind words right now,,,
so all of you who think eating out or grabbing a pizza is fun make sure it is healthy or you will be building
your self into a health risk so think before you eat. and walk each day.