Life with Cancer: Have your babies while you're young! (So says my nephew's pediatrician)

Hey guys, I've asked my younger sister, Meghan, to post a blog today because on Friday we had a rather interesting experience and I thought she'd be the perfect person to share that with all of you. Take it away, Meggie!

Hi guys, it's Erin's sister, Meghan

I live in the city but last Friday I went to Long Island to spend a little time with the fam. That involved going with Erin to Alex's one-year doctor appointment. Of course hanging with my little Godson isn't exactly a chore--he happens to be the cutest pudge of a baby who never stops smiling--but I wasn't expecting to leave the doctor feeling sick. When Erin told the ped about wanting to have another baby, the doctor said that women should "Have them young, and have them fast"--meaning, start young and don't wait long in between babies. Yikes. I couldn't help but laugh. I'm standing there, on the brink of 27, with no boyfriend, no potential candidates and most importantly no desire to have children yet. From time to time I can hear the faint sound of my biological clock ticking, but it's usually when I'm watching one of my nephews sleep or laugh or do something sweet--it goes away FAST when they start to cry or, in Andrew's case, mouth off to his mother.

Erin is in remission and torn about whether she should have a second child--she'd have to go off Gleevec, the drug that's saved her life. A fellow cancer mom helps her decide.

A few weeks ago I took Alex with me on a shopping date with Melissa, Andrew and Gregory. It was fun to be with my three boys and be in charge of Alex. It gave me a peek into what it will be like to be a mother and, aside from the occasional refusal to drop a knife (sorry Er), or take his hand out of my lunch, Alex was an angel which made that sneak peek sort of appealing. But then again, watching Melissa try to calm Gregory down while Andrew pulled at her arm and begged her to shut Gregory up, made me long for my single-in-the-city life in Manhattan. Anyway, even if the desire was there...reality check! My chances of having them "young and fast" are already out the window.

I read somewhere that your eggs are the best they're going to be at 18, so in translation, I'm already nine years late? Ugh, I hate thinking about a time line. But I haven't been able to stop thinking about those seven words either. While the doctor's reasoning behind the killer statement did make sense (fewer behavioral and developmental problems, etc) and she was saying it to Erin who is in a position to have them young and fast--and because of her cancer, probably should do just that--I still don't buy it. Nor do I want to. Clearly this doc has gotten into my head. What do you guys think about her statement? Agree? Disagree? Hate her? Have any of you had a similar encounter?

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