Lifestyle Changes that Look Great to Healthcare Companies

Authored By: Bob Berkowitz For QuickEasyFit

Diverse fitness groupIf you are looking for a way to get healthy while saving money, you are in luck: adopting a healthier lifestyle is certain to get you a lower rate with your health insurance company, making this one opportunity from which you stand to profit in at least two ways: saving money and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Recommended Lifestyle Changes

What insurance companies are looking for is people in good health who are likely to stay that way. This automatically precludes unhealthy habits and unsafe behaviors like smoking tobacco products, drinking alcohol in excess, taking illegal drugs, not exercising and eating fatty foods that are high in caloric content.

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Any of the above will put you at a higher risk for certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. There are sites like that can tell you more about the lifestyle choices that will and will not offer you a discounted premium.

Eating Habits

Positive actions, like eating well, being a non-smoker and exercising, will likely reduce your health insurance rates. Belonging to a health club, maintaining a healthy body weight (i.e. a height to weight ratio that makes sense), living in a safe neighborhood, and getting enough sleep can all reduce your premiums. A lot of this will be reflected in your blood tests. In other words, whether you lunch on cream puffs and soda or if you snack on sprouts and fresh juice will eventually make itself known through your blood sugar, so it is not a matter of "just not telling." ( The Sweet Life: What's the Best Sweetener for Losing Weight? )

In addition, maintaining good eating habits is in your best interest as well. The relationship between systemic disease and a healthy diet has long been established; a healthy diet can lead to a more positive point of view and better lifestyle choices.

Vegetable juices and eating more fresh foods that don't have preservatives can have many health benefits that are associated with improving digestion, metabolism, immune system and weight loss. All of these improvements relate heavily to prevention of illness and disease.

A Healthy Trend

The idea that your habits will influence your insurance rate is nothing new; if anything, this trend will only become more pronounced as health care costs rise and our population grows. Insurance companies will discourage poor health choices and reward good ones. The significant effects of weight-loss surgery on diabetes has been widely reported in the news lately, and might one day be offered by insurance companies to avoid further health risks due to excess weight. Until then, eat your greens, drink your juice and exercise regularly!

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