This Workout WILL Reshape Your Body..

By QuickieChick Laurel House

Bikinis on the BeachThere's a reason why those South American butts look so good! While we are spending hours spinning, treading and down dogging, doing our same old same old exercise routine, the Argentineans are sweating and shrinking on high-speed with the latest in futuristic fitness called Iobella. The combination of Pilates-style exercises in a 98-degree heated pod, electric stimulation, and oxygen therapy forces fast fat burn, muscle refining and fluid draining, while minimizing cellulite and increasing circulation, this new body-shaping method is designed to trim, lift, tone, and smooth the body and skin almost instantly… and it's finally hitting the states!

Lose 2 Pounds in 30 Minutes?
I am constantly testing out newfangled fitness trends and exercise classes and above all others that I have tried, this one works. And it works fast! I have been doing Iobella two or three times a week for the last couple of months and I have definitely noticed a difference in my body, particularly my butt! It's more toned, lifted and firmer than it has ever been. Iobella is the ultimate pre-event workout as you instantly drop water weight (I drop around 2 pounds of puff per workout), the O3 improves your skin, and bio-electric toning forces focused muscle contractions in a particular area, making your muscles act like a girdle. It's great for the arms if you're wearing a strapless gown and for your abs.

Because You Deserve It!
The 30-minute workout, 20 minute bio-electric stimulation, and 20 minute O3 lounge is anything but your average personal training session, but what celebrities love most is that it's fast! Forget the 1-hour workout that feels more like a chore. The quick high rep, low intensity, no breaks style encourages maximum fat burning and muscle toning- fast. After just one workout you'll look and feel slimmer thanks to the massive water loss. After 6 sessions you see and feel lasting results. Because of the luxurious day spa environment and relaxing Oxygen Lounge you leave Iobella feeling calm, healthy, and like you really did something for yourself.

Iobella At Home
With six locations in Buenos Aires and one in Santa Monica, getting the full experience might be a plane trip away, but you can mimic some of the experience at home.

You will need: Exercise mat
Optional: Light hand weights, Light ankle weights
If you have a space heater or room-by-room temperature control, turn it up! 98 degrees might be a bit much for your home, so do what you are comfortable with. The idea is to create external heat to induce more sweating.
Before you start, keep in mind:
-Repetitions: Do each move on each side 20-40 times depending on your strength. Another way to count is to do it until it hurts, then do 5 more.
-Speed: These moves are quick. The weight is low, the reps are high, and the speed is fast. However, that doesn't mean get sloppy. Maintain control and do the exercises correctly in order to avoid injury.
-No Breaks: You are not taking breaks between each move, roll one into the next in order to keep your heart rate elevated to burn maximum calories. Your goal is 30 minutes- straight.
Think Pilates meets 80s Aerobics

The Moves You Will Do
ABS- Lay on the mat and start with crunches, then bicycle, side crunches, and flutter kicks. Channel Jane Fonda circa 1981.
LEGS- Strap on those ankle weights if you have them. Lay on your side and start single side legs lifts, lower side leg lifts, roll over onto your hands and knees for donkey leg lifts with both bent and straight legs.
ARMS- Grab your hand weights and do bicep and tricep curls, presses, and side lifts.
STRETCH- Yoga stretches like Cobra will help release the muscles in your stomach, Down Dog will release your entire body, plus simple twists on your back to open up your chest.

Hit the shower with some charcoal soap! You can buy it online or you might be able to find t at your local beauty supply store. We like Collective Wellbeing Charcoal Body Wash. Use an exfoliating sponge or wash cloth to help remove dead skin cells and open up your pores to remove even more toxins.

It's said the Shavasana (relaxing on your back and meditating) is the most important part of yoga because that's when all of your work goes to work. The purpose when it comes to this workout is to fuel your body with as much fresh oxygen as possible. Take five minutes to breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose, expanding your belly, hold for three seconds, then exhale it all out through your mouth. Continue this breathing style until you get into a rhythm. Breathing like this flushes the body of toxins, energizes your blood and brain, assists with digestion, and tones the abdominal muscles because of the expansion and contraction of your stomach.

Laurel House Laurel House is a Healthy Living and Dating Expert, 4x published Lifestyle Author, Personal Trainer, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, and nationally recognized Print and Online Magazine Writer covering travel, relationships, healthy food and fitness (New You, Women's Health, First for Women, Men's Journal, Yahoo! Shine, Elegant Bride, Fit, Spa, Fit Yoga, Playboy, etc). Beyond writing, she has appeared as an expert on television morning shows including E! News, Weekend TODAY, The Daily Buzz, Better.TV, Good DayLA, CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC Morning News shows both locally and nationally, and her YouTube videos have received over 10 million views. Her 4th book "QuickieChick's Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget" was published by St. Martin's in May 2012.