Lose Weight Now: 10 Quick Calorie-Cutting Tips

POPSUGAR FitnessSource: Lose Weight Now: 10 Quick Calorie-Cutting Tips

In order to lose a pound a week, you need to burn or cut out 3,500 calories. The best way to approach it without feeling deprived is to cut out a few calories here and there throughout your day, making lower-calorie food swaps so your taste buds don't miss a thing. Here are 10 simple ways to reduce your daily calorie intake so you can start dropping pounds right now.

  • In Your Bowl: Choose vanilla yogurt (120) over fruit-flavored (140).
  • Calories saved: 20
  • For Pancakes: Top pancakes with maple yogurt (38) instead of maple syrup (104).
    Calories saved: 66
  • For a Morning Thirst Quencher: Eat an orange (62) instead of drinking OJ (112).
    Calories saved: 50
  • On Your Sandwich: Smear hummus (23) on your sandwich instead of mayo (90).
    Calories saved: 67
  • For Lunch: Make your sandwich on a whole-wheat pita (170) instead of using two slices of whole-wheat bread (220).
    Calories saved: 50
  • In Your Glass: Sip on a glass of water with a slice of lemon (0) instead of a can of Coke (143).
    Calories saved: 143
  • Send the Bread Basket Back: Skip the dinner roll (76) with a pat of butter (36) before dinner.
    Calories saved: 112
  • Spoon This: Choose a bowl of minestrone soup (110) over broccoli cheddar (370).
    Calories saved: 260
  • Sip on This: Enjoy a glass of red wine or Chardonnay (120) instead of a vodka tonic (175).
    Calories saved: 55
  • For Dessert: Enjoy two squares of dark chocolate (88) instead of a chocolate brownie (224).
    Calories saved: 133

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