How to Lose Weight While Shopping at the Supermarket

supermarket food aisleUnbelievable right and you could resist clicking on this article to see exactly what it is talking about. Picture yourself at the supermarket you have a shopping cart full of food, you lift the food items out the cart unto the conveyor belt. You lift the bags off the belt back into the cart. You lift the bags back out the cart into your car. You lift the bags out the car into your home. You take the products out of the bags and put them into your closets and re-refrigerators. You do about 4 reps of this per month and with all that from week to week its still hard to lose those extra pounds.

Here is how to lose those pounds while shopping at the supermarket. The next time you go to the market before you place those food items in the shopping cart take an extra moment to read beyond the flavor, beyond the calories into the ingredients. If those ingredients of your favorite cookies, or candies, beverage or frozen dinners contains at lease one word that you can not pronounce without a dictionary then leave them out of your cart. If the product you wish to buy contains a host of artificial additives and preservatives then do not put them in your cart. If your practice this simple exercise in the space of one month you are inclined to see some difference in your over all health and weight.

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