Low-Fat, High-Fiber Diet Helps Prevent Asthma

Flickr/allmothersFlickr/allmothersIf you have asthma, a low-fat and high-fiber diet may be right for you. A study revealed that diet may be linked to asthma, and that those who decrease their fat consumption, but increase their fiber consumption, could benefit, according to Live Science.

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Researchers studied 137 people with asthma and 65 people without. The participants answered questions about their diets and underwent blood tests to test inflammation. It was found that people with severe asthma consumed five more grams of fat and five fewer grams of fiber daily than people without asthma. Also, those who consumed more fat in their diet had increased airway inflammation, which is associated with asthma. Researchers also found that for every 10-gram increase in daily fat consumption, the odds of having severe asthma went up 48 percent.

-Haley Willard, The Daily Meal

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