Meet the Three New Princesses: New Queen of Netherlands' Daughters

L to R: Catherine-Amalia, Princess Alexia, and Princess Ariane. (Photo by Getty Images)

Once upon a time, there were three little princesses.

On Tuesday, The Netherlands' Princess Beatrix, 75, abdicated the throne after 33 years to her son and new king Willem-Alexander, 46, and his wife Maxima, 41. In doing so, she made way for three little princesses, not even in their tweens.

The new Princesses of the Netherlands are Catherine-Amalia, 9 (the oldest and officially first in line to become the next monarch of the Netherlands), Alexia, 7, and Ariane, 6.

The girls, who go by the collective nickname "Triple A Princess" wore yellow frocks complete with headbands and bows and practiced their princess waves to 25,000 subjects on the balcony of the Royal Palace after Queen Beatrix introduced the new king and queen.

The tiny royals then did a quick costume change into matching royal blue dresses with ribbons in their hair for the official ceremony and held hands while leading the procession into the decommissioned church in Nieuwe Kerk where their parents were sworn in, walking past the thousands of guests which included Prince Charles and Camilla. 

It was quite a day for the girls whose lives are undoubtedly changed forever. No word on whether the new princess rules include cleaning their rooms.