Men We Love: “It’s a Girl” Rapper

A new documentary about a heart-stopping subject--gendercide, or the systematic killing of newborn girls in countries like India and China simply because they are girls--has inspired one super-cool man to help raise awareness through music.

After seeing just the trailer to the new film, It's a Girl, rapper Omékongo Dibinga was moved to compose a powerful hip-hop song of the same name. Upon hearing it, the film's director Evan Grae Davis joined forces with Dibinga to film a music video, which they shot together in New York City with the musician's daughters and niece.

In it, Omékongo, a hip-hop artist, poet and organizer of the motivational 1,000,000 Youth Campaign, raps: How have we forgotten that the woman is key / to open the future's door for our children to see? / The phrase 'It's a girl' should bring cause to rejoice, / but we kill innocent victims who have no choice.

"I wrote this song because hip-hop is a global force, yet too many hip-hop artists do not use their powerful skills and influence to speak on issues like these," Omékongo said in a press release. "I want to use my talent to make a positive change in this world."

"I'm sure having two daughters of his own makes it personal," Davis added. "His words reflect a deep passion against the injustice of gendercide in a way we wanted to share."

The film It's a Girl, shot on location in China and India, explores the not-oft-discussed issue of girls being killed, aborted and abandoned. The United Nations estimates it's the reason that as many as 200 million girls around the world are missing today.