Men we love: Giffords' Brain Surgeon

Dr. Michael Lemole at a press conference after surgery. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)Dr. Michael Lemole at a press conference after surgery. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Im …
Yesterday, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was downgraded from critical to serious condition. Her incredible recovery from a bullet wound through the head over the past week is a testament to her strength-and to Dr. Michael Lemole. The brain surgeon who operated on the congresswoman immediately after the Arizona shootings and continues to care for her is being very humble about his part in the whole thing. Aside from deftly responding to press questions like a seasoned politician, Lemole has managed to keep a low profile. Until about an hour ago, there were only two things we knew about the man: he's a genius and he looks like a young Dan Aykroyd. But with the help of ye olde Internet, we dug up 10 more factoids:

  1. His brother-in-law is Dr. Oz. His sister married TV's most famous heart doctor, which may explain why Lemole seems so comfortable in front of the camera. A little one-on-one coaching couldn't have hurt.
  2. His sister, Samantha Lemole, starred in "Saw V" and "Saw VI." Before that, she was in "Legally Blonde" and "Beverly Hills 90210."
  3. He went to college at a little school in Boston called Harvard. Know it? He graduated in 1991, the same year Obama graduated from Harvard Law School. Maybe they passed each other on campus.
  4. He grew up on a 70-acre farm in Pennsylvania with six siblings.
  5. He's married to a nurse and has five kids.
  6. He golfs. That's what he was doing with his son when got the call about Giffords' assassination attempt.
  7. He wants to create a neuroscience institute at University Medical Center where he works. He should probably get what he wants.
  8. His dad, a heart surgeon, is very proud of his son.
  9. At 42, he's just two years older than Giffords.
  10. He has a Facebook page. His profile picture is a cute photo of him and (presumably) his wife. Take notes, Men-We-Love-in-training. This guy is tops.