Meth Labs

As a former jail Nurse I can tell you that no amount of money is worth your death or causing you children's deaths.
Many people who are very mean inside want to get your money. They do not care about your health of family.
From what I have seen, people try meth which is a drug that is inexpensive and makes your life span about ten years. It is very habit forming and makes you rot from the inside out.

It has a strong odor like ammonia. It poisons the air you are breathing. It is worse than a toxic waste dump because it goes into your household goods and floors.

Many times people are looking to make money without working. They destroy brains and with this drug the heart.

The heart races and you only get so many beats in your life.
There are ways to quit but it is best if you never even try it no matter how much pressure a friend places on you. Some have tried to get others hooked to use them. They even drug another person's food or drink.

Be careful who you allow into your home or apartment. Report someone if you suspect a meth lab.
Jail is better than a home or apartment fire with an explosion that may cost you your eyes, hearing and looks.
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