Mind Games: 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Memory

mind gamesmind gamesI'm the first one to say I have a really bad memory. My husband will literally tell me something and 10 minutes later I'll forget. Now that I have a baby, and my to-do lists have gotten longer and longer, I feel like it has become even worse! Has this happened to you? I've looked around for ways to make sure I don't leave the baby in the car while forgetting to the orange juice that was supposed to be milk anyway. Here are some tips that I have found, and that have helped me a lot, to help boost my memory. They're so easy that anyone can do them!

1. Write Things Down Where You Can See Them

My husband recently bought this chalkboard and it has been so helpful in helping me remember things. We keep it in our kitchen and I jot things down as soon as they come up. Like for example, taking the stroller out of my car or taking my daily probiotic (yes, I need daily reminders for that). Sometimes when I would write things down in my notebook, I would forget to LOOK at my notebook, so it helps that the chalkboard is in plain sight.

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2. Eat "Brain Food"

We've all heard about super foods, but studies have shown that eating food such as berries (blueberries, cranberries and strawberries) can actually shield the brain from memory loss. I personally like to include some of these "brain foods" in a smoothie. So in the mornings I'll add blueberries, strawberries, bananas and coconut milk in a blender and it tastes delicious.

3. Use Mnemonics

This one is one of my favorites and has probably helped me the most in remembering things. The idea behind it is that our brains remember pictures much more easily than written information. And the weirder those images are, the better! For example the other day I needed to remember to wash my sons' giraffe towel. I made an image in my head of a giraffe dancing on top of our washing machine. Sounds weird huh? But surely enough I remembered.

4. Write Down Appointments as Soon as you Make Them

Having a four-month old, my months are filled with regular doctor check-ups. I would forget when my appointments were and had to constantly call my pediatrician's office so they could remind me. Now, I simply jot down the appointment date on my phone calendar as soon as I make it. I also set-up an alarm reminder two days before the appointment and the day of.

5. Memory Games

Just like your body needs exercise, so does your brain. Trying doing some fun memory games like these. They actually train your memory, improve brain elasticity, and get you thinking faster all while being entertaining. Sign me up!

-By Carmen Ordonez

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