Minutes to Healthier Relationships

I've experienced firsthand how easy it is to get so caught up in the chaos of your personal life and work schedule that you neglect the people who mean the most to you. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes taking those much-needed minutes in the day to keep your relationships going strong. It's good for you! Here are five ways to involve your loved ones in a small moment that's stress-free, happy, and healthy.

  • Talk Therapy - In this text-crazy world we live in, talking on the phone has become an old-fashioned way of communicating, practically up there with handwritten letters. But next time you feel overwhelmed or upset, try dialing someone's number for a change, and see how hearing a friend's voice can relax you in a way that "4 realz? that sux" just can't.
  • Dance It Out - Do you have a case of the Mondays? Instead of holing up in your room in a semicoma, grab your roommate, turn up your favorite hip-shakin' song, and get reenergized with some ridiculous dance moves. You'll be in a better mood in no time!
  • Unwind Without the Web - It's amazing how fast time flies when you're glued to a computer screen and/or your smart phone all day. Slow it down and step away from the Internet. Maybe even try going to a wine bar with some friends and, gasp, leave the iPhone at home? Setting some limits for yourself might actually free you up to talk to your friends, instead of just tweeting them.
  • Take a Walk Break - Next time you're cramping up from sitting at your desk for too long, ask a co-worker or two to join you for a walk. You could grab a cup of coffee, breathe in some fresh air outside, or just stroll to one end of the office and back. You'll have the chance to catch up with your fellow 9-to-5ers on the latest Gossip Girl episode and stretch out those legs!
  • A Laugh a Day . . . -Keeps the doctor away! If life has you feeling a bit too serious, you may need to invite your boyfriend or your teenage brother over to watch the latest bromantic comedy and laugh away your day's troubles.
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