Miranda Kerr's $686 Breakfast Smoothie. We'll Take a Coffee, Instead

Getty ImagesKiller cheekbones aside, what does Miranda Kerr have that we don't?

An appetite for ridiculously laborious and expensive breakfast foods, according to a new health and fitness web series Kerr shot for Net-A-Porter entitled "The Body Beautiful."

In the first installment, Kerr gives us a rundown of her morning breakfast smoothie. Sounds simple enough, right? Not if you plan to pay your rent this month. Her alkalizing, nutrient-dense, green power smoothie will set you back $686.92.

Let's explore this. The recipe calls for eight ingredients and since Kerr says she drinks the stuff every day, we're going to assume she buys in bulk. We've calculated the the average cost, below.

1 glass of fresh coconut water: $21.99.
1 glass of cold-pressed coconut milk: $22.48.
1 tbsp of acai berries: 29.95 (one pound bag)
1 tbsp of of the super-trendy chia seeds: $13.29 (one pound),
1 tbsp of maca powder: $13.50 (21 ounces)
1 tbsp spirulina, a freshwater algae: $39.99 (16 oz of powder)
1 tbsp of goji berry powder: $15.74
1.5 tbsp of vegan rice protein powder: $29.99 (three pound bag).

Let's not forget that the smoothie which provides "maximum energy and vitality" is mixed together in a $499.99 Vitamix blender.

The grand total: $686.92. Check out the video here.

Crazy expensive? Yes. But it also makes sense. Now that Kerr is no longer a Victoria's Secret Angel, her career seems to be going in a healthy/organic/yoga/lifestyle/GOOP-like direction. But unlike Gwyneth Paltrow who's tread so deep into the vegan, gluten-free, earthenware bowl abyss, Kerr still has time to scale back before she alienates her fans with her breakfast. Many of whom live in the real world and can only afford average people's blenders.

See you at Starbucks!