The Miss Piggy Workout: Sexy, Strong, and in Stilettos

Missy Piggy's signature chop.Missy Piggy's signature chop.Can you be fit and fleshy? We can debate it all day long, but all we really need to do is take a peek at some of Miss Piggy's finest, fiercest moments to see how a lady can rock the curves and still kick out a mean karate chop.

While embracing every bit of her sexy swineness, Miss Piggy has also been honing her strength for years. She's so well-practiced that she can send a frog flying in seconds flat. While wearing heels. And barely mussing up her perfectly-curled coif.

If you're just trying to make it through the Tae Bo VHS tape still stuck in the VCR and think working out means sporting your husband's old team-building t-shirt from work and some saggy yoga pants from the '90s, perhaps it is time to reframe your fitness.

The Miss Piggy way of working out requires stilettos, bedazzled jackets, and not one frizzy hair out of place. Make this exercise your own by carefully studying the jump-front kicks and knife-hand strikes of martial arts -- and then sharpening your skills by doing those moves in whatever get-up you'd wear to the club. All that porcine-inspired practice will pay off.

You may not whittle off inches. But then, that's not the point of pigcercise. The big (and rounder and more fabulous) picture is to embrace every bit of who you are. And to be able to kick things up a notch when all the skinny weaklings around you least expect it.

Take a look at what a little Miss Piggy-styled fitness can do for your body, self-esteem and success in tricky situations.

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