Moms: Get Back into Balance for Fall

by MyYogaWorks Laurel House

MyYogaWorksDespite the hot/cold/hot/cold weather conditions, it's officially Fall. More than a change in the leaves, it's time to ease into a new attitude- getting out of the Summertime slowness and merging into the Fall fastlane, while still maintaining some balance. A "yoga attitude" is a great way to fuse the two.

Patti Quintero, a mom with kids in school and a MyYogaWorks online yoga teacher, knows the complexity of this situation well. But instead of stressing about moving into the flurry of Fall, she relishes it - taking advantage of getting back into her "me-time" routine. "Once school starts, life gets back in balance!" Patti says. "When kids are on summer vacation there is less of a consistent schedule so you have to get creative with personal practice time. I have more 'me-time' once my kids are back in school. If I am not working with a client or teaching a morning class, then I will head right to practice after drop off, if I teach in those morning hours then I make it home to do my home practice before I pick them up... it makes a world of difference before jumping into kids homework and the after school juggle."

Remembering the importance of "me-time" seems to be key to the juggling act as Patti acknowledges that once you have kids, free time is no longer yours. "Life changes a lot when you have kids. I found that if I didn't schedule my practice in, then it would get left behind and everyone would pay for it!"

What's Patti's #1 Life/Balance Tip?

Make it a point to look at your week on Sundays and tentatively add your yoga practice to your calendar. Some days you will have time for an hour and a half practice and other days your practice will end up being just 15 minutes. Those are essential times to dedicate to yourself, your breath, and your body. A way of feeding your soul. After your practice you WILL be more centered and more inspired. It's ok if that time needs to get switched around. But reschedule that space of refuge. It's as important as any other calendared event. Make it a priority.

"If I am feeling a bit discombobulated I will do some poses that help me feel rooted to the earth, if I am stuck in resistance a long headstand will do wonders and help me shift perspective." Comments Patti. Even if she has 5 minutes she makes time to move her body. Here are a few of Patti's go-to's:

Poses to Create Calm

-Hip Openers. Single and Double Pigeon to "melt away the static."

-Then Supta badakonasana to marinate in bliss

Poses to Help Energize

-Inversions! Especially handstands and forearm balance. They bring fresh blood to the brain and the skin, and open the pathways to the spine.

Poses On-The-Go

-Standing Poses including hip openers (like warrior two), twists (like twisting triangle), and a few sun salutes.

As a mom, you are in a constant state of giving and nurturing others so it's important to make the time to nurture yourself, feed your soul, connect with your breath and laugh! Even if it means taking a little time away from your children, you will be a better, more grounded, energized, inspired and empowered mom, wife, friend, employee, teacher and person because of it.