Your Monthly Chocolate Craving: Is it All in Your Head?

Happy Woman eating chocolateHappy Woman eating chocolateBlaming your next chocolate cravings on PMS may soon be a thing of the past as new research suggests the monthly cocoa cravings are nothing more than a myth. NBC News reports about the latest chocolate study results that are set to appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Appetite.

Researchers involved in the study worked with a group of 35 women measuring their chocolate desires during their cycles before and after menstruation. What they found was that women (in the phase just before and during their menstrual cycle) did not have an intense desire to chow down on chocolate before and after being presented with a bowl of the sweet stuff. Furthermore, the women did not crave high calorie fattier foods during their periods either.

The new research contradicts old studies that found women had a greater desire for chocolate just before and after their menstrual cycle. The difference between this new study and the old ones is that the latest one made sure to filter out women who had eating disorders. The new study is also different because it is fairly small, with just 35 women surveyed, it may not be a large enough group to accurately determine cravings. Researchers from the study conclude, "Further research is needed to determine the role of food cravings in response to emotions across the menstrual cycle."

What do you think of the new study that suggests women do not actually crave chocolate before or during their menstrual cycles?

Do you have any once-a-month cravings that you just can't live without?

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