Moob Jobs: the next big thing in plastic surgery

(ThinkStock Photos)(ThinkStock Photos)More men than ever are turning to cosmetic surgery for the perfect chest, the BBC reports. In the past year, male breast reduction surgery operations increased by 28 percent, according to a study by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Doctors are thanking increased media coverage of a shirtless Jack Nicholson for rise in patients. No kidding. "Images in the media - coverage of high profile men like Simon Cowell and Jack Nicholson - make men think about this more," Dr. Rajiv Grover of the BAAPS told the BBC.

While some men have excess breast tissue, more often it's excess cheeseburger that's the problem. According to the report, 30 percent of guys are turned away by docs who suggest they try diet and exercise first. Vanity doesn't hurt if it gets men to hit the treadmill, but is it worth going under the knife? And what about the oft-uttered dude quote: "If I had breasts, I'd play with them all day." Shouldn't they be living the dream right now? It's heartbreaking to think guys are getting as obsessed with their chest size as women. It's hardly our best collective trait.

Don't blame Jack, blame The Situation-the male Pam Anderson. His unfathomably rippled body has set unreasonable standards for men. And if a guy is two "Biggest Loser" seasons from those abs, it makes sense that he'd turn to quick fix like surgery for a start. But is it worth it? Only men with racks can answer that. But for the ladies: Would you rather have a man with moobs or a man with moob job scars?

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