Need a lift? Make your wish and watch it fly

Flying Wish Paper Wishing Kits. Flying Wish Paper Wishing Kits.
Remember wishing on a star? Julia Lambie has created a unique way to make a special wish - and it doesn't require a clear night sky. Her Flying Wish Paper lets you celebrate every wish with fun, whimsy and a little bit of firepower.

When a child has a bad day and needs some help getting over it, you can try ousting the blues with a happy wish. Bad breakup? New resolution? You can start fresh with a ceremonial wish. Flying Wish Paper is also great for celebrating birthdays and remembering special anniversaries. (If you choose the pink ribbon design, Julia and Daily Grommet will each donate 10% of the proceeds to breast cancer awareness and education.)

Here's how it works. First, you write your wish on the special Flying Wish Paper. Next, crumple the paper, smooth it into shape and set it on the wish platform card. Then you light the top edge of the paper and watch it burn down. At the last moment, your wish lifts off the platform card and flies lightly into the sky.

Making a wish can make you feel young again. Doing it with Flying Wish Paper takes it to a whole new level of fun and inspiration. Go ahead, make a wish!

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