New York Post Calls Lindsay Lohan a 'Bimbo." We're still using that word?

Troubled? Sure. But bimbo? What is this, junior high?The New York Post isn't exactly known for hard-hitting journalism or high ethical standards.  So it really shouldn't come as a surprise that they'd set up a "news" story about Lindsay Lohan by calling her a bimbo. This is, after all, a publication that spent the better part of a decade calling Monica Lewinsky a "Portly Pepperpot." (What does that even mean?)

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The latest article (written by three male staffers) was headlined "Loopy Lohan on the Lam" and also describes the troubled actress as whiny and dramatic. But it's the first sentence -- "Be on the lookout for this bimbo" -- crosses the line.

Granted, Lohan has made a spectacular, spiraling descent from child star to tabloid fodder, but still… 'Bimbo?' What is this, junior high school...circa 1950? The term is a relic of 20th century slut-shaming, when a young women's hair color was enough to brand her as nothing more than a sex object. The term propagated the myth (or fetish) that a smart woman can't be sexy, and vice versa. See Marilyn Monroe, the iconic bimbo reference, who, as anyone with a brain now knows, was a lot smarter than she was made out to be.

The Urban Dictionary defines a bimbo as "A girl who is stupid, wears lots of make up and is obsessed with boys and clothes." Oddly enough, the word made its debut in the United States in the early 1900s as a slang term for an unintelligent man; it comes from the Italian word "bambino," which means baby boy (and in Italy, calling a guy a bimbo is like calling him a little sweetie. Emasculating, maybe, but not insulting).

Yes, Lindsay Lohan has made more than her fair share of bad choices. Yes, she's set herself up for ridicule time and again. Yes, her performance in "The Canyons" wasn't the career-resurrecting move she hoped it would be. But there's a huge difference between pointing out her problems -- she's earned that kind of criticism -- and calling her mindless female sex object. That's not criticism, that's just creepy. And using the word 'Bimbo' to describe any woman in 2013? That's just plain stupid.