NFL regular season starts today: Breakfast Trey

Three football bites to get your day started right:

It's go time for Colts rookie QB Andrew Luck, who's probably facing as much scrutiny as one Peyton Manning did when he first took the field for the same franchise lo these many years ago. Shutdown Corner's Doug Farrar talked with Luck about the faster linebackers in the pros, great coaching, and how he plans to lead NFL veterans in his first year.

And what can we expect from every other franchise this year? Well, it's the internet; even knitting blogs are rolling out Week 1 predictions. We like this photo essay on the NFL's own website, which prognosticates that the Broncos will have a tough opening six weeks; Ray Rice will contend for league MVP; and the Pats' easy schedule could spell complacency (and mediocrity) for the perennial powerhouses.

On a down note, Y! Sports expert Dan Wetzel's commentary on Terrell Owens's sad financial straits says the league should build in protections for players who may not realize their advisors aren't working in their best interests. I've said for years that pro players should have a freshman orientation of some sort -- or a mini-Rolodex issued to them that contains phone numbers for reputable pre-screened financial managers; numbers for car services in every city they'll be traveling to; and how-tos on everything from balancing a checkbook to boiling a potato, because some of these dudes just don't know how to live in the world.

What I don't know how to do is pick a set of fantasy running backs who won't get hurt and embarrass me in my brother-in-law's all-trash-talk, no-mercy league. If you don't have a Y! Fantasy Football team yet, there's still time! Get in a league today.