NOT Good For You: Vitamin Water

By Creo Mundi

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Do you drink Vitamin Water? Do you drink it because you think it's nutritious? Better than pop? Well think again!

It has been so long since I last blogged, but an article in today's paper literally drove me to my computer - it talked about how Coca Cola (the parent company of Vitamin Water) is no longer allowed to advertise that Vitamin Water is nutritious in the UK. Why? It is packed with sugar! Quite apart from half the vitamins being fat soluble, and therefore not absorbed in your body through just Vitamin Water, one bottle contains nearly the same amount of sugar as a can of pop - True!

Each Vitamin Water bottle (591 ml) contains 33 gms of sugar - and one can of coke contains 39 gms. That's the equivalent of nearly four Krispy Kreme donuts. Wow! And you thought this was healthy! If you drank just one pop a day you would gain 15 lbs of weight in a year - and Vitamin Water advertises you should have one to two bottles a day. Really?

That's the trouble with today's advertising and marketing - fudge the truth and no one will know. Why the big companies think they can get away with this I don't know. It is certainly not how we operate our company - we're known as the company with no surprises - and it boggles my mind that not everyone operates the way we do.

The moral of the story is not only check your labels, always, but do some digging to find out exactly how much of the other ingredients are in your food. And don't be fooled by "healthy looking" labels and names - they could be like Vitamin Water...just making you think they are healthy while charging you a premium to drink it. Don't get pulled in by fads. Find a company you trust and stick with them. A little bit of digging will go a long way to you finding truly healthy and nutritious drinks and snacks.

Here's the link to the article:

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