OMG! Another diet drug is linked to health problems?

Did you notice the sarcasm in my headline-voice?

I just saw this report about how researchers have found a link between the diet drug, Xenical, and kidney problems. And I am not one bit surprised. I've seen this sort of thing all too many times.

Remember these headlines?

FDA Warning: Diet pill, Meridia, may increase risk of heart attacks

FDA investigates possible liver damage link in diet drug, Alli

FDA panel rejects diet pill

And let's not forget the granddaddy of them all - the Fen-Phen debacle.

I've been reporting on health issues, including the obesity epidemic and diet pills, since 1994 and it usually goes something like this:

1) New diet pill gets approved

2) People flock to get it

3) The diet pill causes health problems and safety concerns

4) The diet pill gets pulled off the market

Rinse and repeat.

Just sayin'.

Photo Credit: incurable_hippie/Flickr