One Surefire Way to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

By Nicole Nichols, Managing Editor and Fitness Expert at SparkPeople

It's the time of year we both love and dread. For people who celebrate, the holidays are a time of joy, fun, volunteering and parties; but they're also associated with overindulgence, sweets and weight gain. Is it possible to stave off weight gain during the holidays without feeling deprived?

I sure think so. Many people manage to survive the holidays without switching belt notches. Some even make it to January and go down a pants size. How do they do it?

In my opinion, treating a holiday like any other day is the best way to avoid winter weight gain. But this article from offers six additional tips to keep the pounds off this winter. One that really stood out to me was tip #6, step on the scale.

"If you're typically weighed down each spring with unwanted pounds, make it a habit to step on the scale once a week (or even every day) throughout the winter months," advises author Suzanne Girard Eberle.

There's something about weighing in that makes us think before we bite or skip the gym. Studies have shown that people who weigh in more often-even daily-maintain their weight loss better than those who weigh themselves less often. How many times have you stopped working out for a couple weeks or knowingly overindulged, then purposely avoided the scale so you wouldn't have to face the music?

Flip that around (commit to weigh yourself regularly, no matter what) and you may decide to make smart choices (i.e. stopping after just one cookie) throughout the holidays to avoid disappointment.

How do you prevent holiday weight gain? Do regular weigh-ins help you stay accountable?

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SparkPeople Fitness Expert Nicole Nichols is an ACE-certified personal trainer and AFAA-certified group fitness instructor. You can learn more about Nicole and her workout DVDs here.