Lady Crush: Patrick Wilson's Wife. The awesome wife of the new "Girls" guy.

Patrick wife and Dagmara Dominczyk. (Photo: Getty Images.)And with a single tweet Dagmara Dominczyk put to rest some serious sexist B.S. on the internet. Remember how this week started with "Girls" haters questioning whether Lena Dunham's character was "hot enough" for her new boyfriend, played by Patrick Wilson?  Plenty of feminist bloggers came to Dunham's defense, but one response was particularly effective.

Patrick Wilson’s wife, the actress Dagmara Dominczyk took to her Twitter account to defend both the episode and Dunham herself. In response to a hateful tweet that read “Patrick Wilson is so hot he would never do Lena Dunham,” Dominczyk responded, “Funny, his wife is a size 10, muffin top & all & he does her just fine. Least that’s what I hear ;) rule #1 – never say never.”

Oh, haters! You just got owned.

Dominczyk went on to compliment Dunham on the series. “I think Lena Dunham is pretty great. Love her boobs, admire her balls. Proud of the episode of my hubby proud of GIRLS.”

This girl-on-girl respect is awesome, and that’s not the only thing we love about Domincyzk.

She’s an actress in her own right—she’s currently starring in the Broadway production of Golden Boy, a play about a star boxer, and she also worked with actress/director Vera Farmiga on her film Higher Ground.

She's honest about motherhood. She and Wilson have two boys, Kalin and Kassian, and she’s honest about how much she loves food and how much weight she gained when she was pregnant (75 pounds). “At night, once I get the kids to bed, there is nothing I enjoy more than to kick back and watch “Real Housewives” with a bag of chips,” she told The New York Times.

She doesn't give your standard celeb beauty advice. Dominczyk was born in Poland and moved to the United States when she was 7. She has some secret Polish beauty secrets: Eva Natura is a Polish cream she swears by.

She’s an author.
She just published her first novel, The Lullaby of Polish Girls, about the friendship between three Polish girls who emigrate to the U.S.

She’s a hilarious tweeter.
“At 7:45am scrambling down the driveway with garbage cans just as garbage truck pulled up. I f*cking made it. Small victories abound.”

So there you have it. Dominczyk is a successful actress, a writer and mom, who she still finds the time to have the back of Lena Dunham and women everywhere? Yeah, girl.

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