For Peace?

I live just outside Chicago, IL and this weekend we are hosting the NATO alliance. I have to say I am ashamed of my fellow Chicagoians. Did any of you bother to read up on why the NATO alliance was formed? They are all out there marching for PEACE - by creating confusion, chaos and conflict. Peace means Please End All Conflict Everywhere. You cannot be for Peace if you have conflict on your mind. You cannot be for Peace if you have anger and hate in your heart. Violence, hate and conflict breed more violence, hate and conflict. STOP right now and think about your actions. Your actions do not bring PEACE. You know what is in your heart; you know what is in your head. It is time to STOP and make your actions speak for you, PLEASE END ALL CONFLICT EVERYWHERE. Peace can only be achieved if you remove the anger and hate from your heart; and the conflict and violence from your mind!