Personalized Dollar Bill Lands in 'Supernatural' Star's Hands

Supernatural” star Misha Collins is revered by a cultish following for everything from his puckish good looks to his tendency to engage with online fans and mess with minds through his annual scavenger hunt, GISHWHES. But now one devotee has turned the tables on Collins, joking with him in a stunt that came full circle on Wednesday, when the celeb received change that included a dollar bill with his name scrawled on it. He wondered aloud about it, on Twitter, right away:

The 21-year-old fan behind the prank, Hanna Kahl of New Jersey, identified as Nina on her Twitter and Tumblr accounts, had the funny idea a year ago. “I want to take a dollar bill and write ‘are you Misha Collins’ on it and maybe one day it’ll end up in his hands and he’d be the one mind-f****d for once,” she wrote on Tumblr in October 2012. That post started a revolution with many of her Tumblr fans following suit and uploading photos of marked bills with the Tumblr tag “Are you Misha Collins?” to prove it.

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Collins seemed amused by the prank, telling Yahoo Shine in an email, "I know the treasury department has been discussing putting my face on the soon-to-be-minted three-dollar bill, but I appreciate fans pre-empting the slow-moving federal government with this currency augmentation campaign. And, by the way, my answer to the question penned on the bill is: Yes. I am Misha Collins. Are you?"

Kahl, through a Twitter chat, explains to Yahoo Shine that her idea was a "random thought" more than anything. “Misha had recently tweeted a picture on the set of 'Supernatural' and I thought it would be cool to trick him for once!" she says. "So I made that post and BAM everyone seemed to pick up on it!”

Alas, by summertime, the Collins currency began showing up “like urban legends,” according to the Daily Dot, as finders posted their photo evidence on a Tumblr dedicated to the task. “I went shopping today and was surprised to find this among my change,” wrote one user with his photo. Another posted one with, “So I was counting money for my Relay For Life donations and I found this.” 

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It was the kind of stunt that would appear to be right up Collins’s alley: The CW star has more than 1.1 million Twitter followers with whom he regularly engages. His fandom on Tumblr is massive — it even held the social platform hostage in April with Mishapocalypse — and Collins himself has been known to troll the activity. His fans also give generously to his charity organization, Random Acts, and come out in full, obsessive force for what has become his annual scavenger hunt, GISHWHES, a weeklong, record-breaking event that asks those taking part to take photos or videos of random scenes like “four ducks at the theater” or an exercise bike that’s been modified to whip cream.

Upon reading Collins’s tweet about finally receiving one of the dollars, a clearly thrilled Kahl responded on Twitter: “OMFG I'M SORRY I STARTED THAT LAST YEAR OH MY GOD.” 
She says she doesn’t know how many other marked-up bills wound up in circulation. But it’s clear the yearlong project was a good-natured expression of devotion. “He's such an inspirational and down to earth actor. He not only loves his fans, but respects them as well," Kahl says. "He has left his mark on the supernatural fandom and I absolutely love him!"

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