Pets: Hopeless Barking Getting You Down?

Many of us struggle when it comes to our dogs continuous barks. However just as we talk or cry to tell our parents what is wrong; dogs bark. Barking comes from unclear situations, unfamiliar people, hunger, anxiety, happiness, and pretty much anything bothering them under the sun. The trick is to allow you dog to be exposed to many different situations, people, and/or environments as they grow. This will lower their anxiety and allow them to familiarize themselves with things going on around them.

Below are a few additional things to help you get your dog better acquainted with its surroundings:

Tip 1: Expose your pet to a variety of people: Taking them for short walks, time in a pet friendly park, or simply guests at the home will introduce them to a number of people and pets. Socializing your pet and having doggy play days will assist in this fashion. Correcting your pet when they become vocal towards other dogs and/or people will show them its ok.

Tip 2: Correcting Barking Behaviors with treats: When your dog or pet shows anxiety with a situation use a calming voice to reassure them. If they persist using treats or prompting will encourage them to listen. Too much discipline however can over do it and cause your pet to act out. Be sure they understand what you are saying and stick to it!

Tip 3: Making sure your dog has alone time is important: Many animals just as people go dependent on their masters if they are not spending some time alone in their growing periods. Make sure you spend ample time with them but just as you need alone time so does your dog!

In a nutshell your dog needs balance just as you do. This comes from the right kind of training as well as the right kind of attention. You must remember to be firm with them just as you would your child and understand that new and different situations create tension in them just as it does in us. Remembering to pay attention to what is going on when your dog barks will help you determine what is bothering them. Keep your calm and work with them it will be worth it in the long run!

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