PMS: Please Make Sense Natural Remedies for Keeping Us Sane, Every Month

For a few days each month, our moods swing faster than Pink at the Grammy's. Either you're bashing yourself for buying those hideous bath towels or yelling at your man for not calling you on his lunch break. Honey, he doesn't take lunch. But before you lock yourself in a room with a cheap bottle of Chard and reruns of Full House, please know there are natural ways to ease the suffering.

But first, here's some big No No's:

Don't Consume…

Salty foods. Sodium can drastically increase bloating before or during your period. Nothing less fun than having someone ask you when you are due…when you're not.

Sugar and Dairy. The most notable symptom sugar causes is mood swings. Dairy products and refined sugar can increase magnesium excretion, which can lead to cramping, nervousness and backaches. Oh, and ice cream can pack on the calories. Is that a better reason?

Caffeine and Alcohol
. Both can cause dehydration, which can lead to a myriad of issues. Caffeine can increase estrogen levels making symptoms like breast tenderness worse. Alcohol, too, can enhance symptoms, such as depression and headaches. Best of all, you'll remember being a b---- last night.