Poll: Would You Voluntarily Share Photos of Your Bare Belly with the World?

I stumble upon a lot of cool stuff trolling the web, but today, I found a photo slideshow that wowed me. It was xojane.com's "Real Girl Belly Project," where real women stepped up and sent photos of their (non-airbrushed) tummies for all the world to see.

From co-eds flaunting their svelte midriffs and sexy undies to middle-age women proudly displaying their pregnancy-induced stretchmarks or cancer scars, I couldn't get over the guts it took for these women to bare their bodies like this.

This woman proudly told xojane.com that her belly held twins -- each of them weighing 7 pounds. She even owned up to the fact that she can squish her stomach together, making it "talk" to her kids.

This woman got a cupcake tattooed on her belly after a guy called her "chunky."

See that little pooch right below this woman's belly button? She named it "Sunshine."

A little belly hair doesn't shy her away from snapping this photo.

Childbirth? Check. Cancer scar? Check.

Tell me -- would you have the chutzpah to snap and share a shot of your stomach?

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