Power of Words

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"Medicine For The Soul" Inscription over the door of the library of Thebes.
Books 4.7.2010Books 4.7.2010
I wonder if there will ever come a time when books become obsolete?

One of my greatest and simplest joys is winding down at the end of my day, and curling up with my cats, my husband and a good book. There is something intimate about actually holding it and turning the pages that computer technology just can't replace.

"Books are not simple inanimate objects that carry information. They are energetic connections among their authors and every single person who has ever read them." Jillian Quinn

So while it might look like just paper, ink and glue, every page is a reflection of someone's heart, mind and soul. Their words transcend time or place to speak, engage and even comfort us. I love books because for me holding them is a direct connection to the spirit of the writer.

Have you thought about writing a book and what your message would be? Remember that whether you write or speak, your words may be medicine for someone else's soul.

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