Pure drinking water supply to rural areas may be a not distant future if attention of the authorities is drawn towards the CHEAP MANUFACTURE OF" ACTIVATED CARBON" from the Agricultural- waste or bi products.

In India still basically the Waterworks are based on sand filters and chlorine dozing (which is not advisable throughout the world, as it is harmful to general health, That is why in most of the countries it is Activated carbon" that is used in the water filters through out And now a days people are using R.O process . which is also not to be utilized for drinking water as it is capable to remove most of the useful chemicals found in the water. ,leaving the water unhealthy for human consumption, There is the difference between the mineral Water in the bottles and the drinking water generally supplied in our country,as it contains water that needs for the addition of minerals that have been removed from it by the R,O,process Where as the Activated carbon process helps in the removal of many organic and in organic matters and bacteria to the maximum, to bring it up to the International standards with out loosing the healthy minerals but side by side removing the bacteria and virus etc. Though the process of manufacturing Activated carbon is very complicated as in U.S.A. and Germany etc, but some work is possible that it may be made by the "Khadi" based Process, very cheap from the agricultural - waste like Paddy Husk available in abundance, through out India.