Real Talk with Tracy Anderson: 5 Things to Stop Saying About Your Body Now

Attention, girlfriend at the mirror beating yourself up over absolutely nothing... you're thinking about your body all wrong. If you're constantly in search of a quick way to lose 5 lbs., celebrity trainer to the stars and fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson is telling it like it is.

Bethenny is completely digging Tracy's workout mantra, and you will too.

Tracy Anderson

Stop Saying It! 5 Mistakes Women Are Making About their Health

1. I'm going to juice cleanse to look great for my vacation.
"I hate them," says Tracy about juice cleanses, "they're ridiculous." The fitness guru says most companies selling women liquid that they claim is nutrient-rich is completely dense. "If you get a juice delivered to your house and you're letting it sit, you're just drinking sugar calorie water," says Tracy. Enzymes leave those fruits and veggies within 30 min to 4 hours once they are pureed.

Contrarily, green smoothies are good to make at home. If you drink immediately -- that contains your life. "But ordering a juice that has been flash pasteurized... you might as well drink orange juice."

2. Surgery is the answer.

Tracy says her biggest pet peeve is women fed up with their bodies who resolve too quickly to have surgery. "People would be shocked to learn how large that population is and how emotionally trying it is, and it's really tough on the body." People who have surgery (lipo, for example) again and again build bands of scar tissue (which causes real dysmorphia in the body) and fat ends up going to other places of the body. Surgery is an irreversible decision and too many people go to it by default.

3. I'm just going to diet it off.

"If you're reaching for these quick fixes," says Tracy Anderson, "you will never let your beauty shine inside or outside as bright as it possibly can, or as bright as your potential." It's all about making a lifestyle change, not a habit change. Any time you stop your digestive system, you will lose weight, but then you have to start back up so you'll gain it all back. When you yo-yo diet, you confuse the body. Also, the ratio change of your body will be off and your skin tone will look horrible.

4. If it's a trendy exercise class, it's the only workout I'm going to do.

Different exercise classes create different results. Make sure you understand what your body will look like after sticking to a particularly hot exercise trend for several months. Just because everyone's doing it doesn't mean it's right for you. If you're bouncing back and forth between trendy exercises and you're not seeing results, most likely your body is confused. Find a program focused on results. Tracy recommends exercising 5-6 times a week, because women go through four hormonal changes in their lives, and you need to be prepared for those. "You don't want to say, 'Oh my god, I am in this crazy old lady body with wide hips and the back of my legs have fat bulges sticking to them." This is all hormonal. Young girls need to be proactive to make sure they have a balanced body and muscular structure.

5. My friend's body is amazing and she does yoga, so I'm going do yoga!

Realize that that with exercise, one size doesn't fit size all. Your friend has a completely different genetic makeup, so what looks great on her body may not work for you. You need to know and learn yourself. If you're going to do the same exercise every day, you better understand what the results will look like on you. One woman may be able to do the same workout every day because her muscle mass doesn't change much, but most women cannot. This is why Tracy says she worked so hard to create her at-home program, Metamorphosis, which allows women to easily identify their main genetic weaknesses and target the strengthening of those areas. The program supports the science of the body. The first step is identifying your type of body and how you gain weight. The goal of Metamorphosis is to create contractions and balances in the body where there are imbalances. Get the scoop on how you can try Tracy's program at home... go to

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