Researchers Say to Drink This With a Fatty Meal (It May Protect Your Heart) you slip up and down a burger, with bacon on top, and fries, then have some kind of gargantuan ice cream dessert afterward (hey, it happens!). OK, not so good, but, according to a new study, you can protect the damage that meal may do to your blood vessels and heart by drinking this beverage with dinner ...


Researchers from the University of Buffalo say that beverages containing flavonoids, like orange juice, may help "neutralize" the damaging effect a high-fat meal can have on your heart and blood vessels.

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"Our data show, for the first time to our knowledge, that drinking orange juice with a meal high in fat and carbohydrates prevented the marked increases in reactive oxygen species and other inflammatory agents," says lead author Husam Ghanim, PhD.

Now, this doesn't mean that high-fat meals are suddenly healthy with the addition of orange juice (don't we wish), but, it's a great way to blunt the bad health effects a little, or so say researchers.

So interesting, isn't it?

P.S. Here's my favorite OJ! And, you may want to avoid drinking OJ at this time of the day, though.