"Retro" Foods Help You Lose Weight, Say Exerpets

by Lexi Petronis, Glamour

How often do you eat cottage cheese?How often do you eat cottage cheese?We sometimes like to poke fun at old health trends--but it turns out that some were more than just trends. Because they actually work.

Why? There's something appealing about retro foods, because they're "often minimally processed, easy to eat, and so low in calories and fat they're almost guaranteed to work." Plus, says Phil Lempert, food trend expert and founder of Supermarketguru.com, we're getting burned out with diet gimmicks.

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Case in point: cottage cheese, a must-have diet food in the 1970s. But stars like Samantha Harris are now turning to low-fat cottage cheese because it's filled with the kind of protein that makes you feel fuller, longer.

Another one? Grapefruit. The grapefruit diet has been around since the 1930s, and celebs like Jessica Simpson and Lauren Conrad have incorporated it into their eating plans. Now, experts say that eating grapefruit can reduce insulin levels, which aids in weight loss.

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Even rice cakes--which I totally remember my grade-school teachers nibbling on during lunch hours--has been given the OK as a low-calorie snack food.

Interesting! Are there any "retro" foods you like eating now--or wish would come back?

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