Say it out loud: What part of your body is looking phenomenal these days?

I just spent three hours paying way too much attention to celebrities that it took teams of people to get them into multiple layers of Spanx, gowns, jewelry and heels you know they slid off once they sat down. The hours I've spent over the course of my life closely examining red carpet shows leads me to believe that the trick the celebrities who make the best dressed lists know is emphasizing the parts of their bodies that look fabulous.

No matter what it is -- cut-up biceps, sleek legs, amazing curves, incredible cleavage, junk in the trunk, a whittled waist, intimidating Amazon thighs -- you have to be proud of that part of you to really show it off. I've had some highs and lows with my body image, like most women. But turning the corner on exercise and some long, hard work to halt that unproductive self-hatred is helping me stand in front of the mirror more confidently.

Let's be real here, I don't yet have the swagger of Mo'Nique or Megan Fox. My thighs? They are getting better every time I run. But my rack? Fabulous.

And hey, my calves definitely get the golden statue this year. Way to go, calves. You've worked hard for this honor.

It doesn't matter what size you are, how much you weigh, or even how fit you're feeling. You and your body deserve the spotlight.

What about you? What part of your body gets the award for FANTASTIC?

Leave a comment: WHAT?! It's ankles? Or your clavicle? Tell us what body part that missed a nomination.

[photo credit: Getty Images]