Seasonal Superfood Swaps: Use These Tasty Winter Ingredients for Extra Health Benefits

by Lexi Petronis

Romulo YanesRomulo YanesWhile you're in the midst of planning your holiday menus and eating options--and heaven knows there are puh-lenty--consider maybe swapping out some of your usual ingredients for these seasonal superfoods as suggested by nutritional experts at TOPS Club, Inc.--they all have tons of good-for-your-health benefits.

Instead of oranges, use...clementines.
These sweet citrus fruits are filled with vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, and fiber. Pick ones that are heavy (that means they have more juice), and add them to salads for an extra health kick.

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Instead of cranberries, use...pomegranates. The seeds are filled with fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and niacin--and let's not forget the tangy juice. One glass of pomegranate juice has as much of the same disease-fighting polyphenols as four glasses of cranberry juice--or 10 cups of green tea!

Instead of potatoes, use...sweet potatoes.
Compared to regular potatoes, sweet potatoes have almost twice the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, 42 percent of the RDA for vitamin C, and four times the RDA for beta-carotene. And when you eat them with their skins on, they have more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal.

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Instead of spinach, use...kale. Spinach rocks, of course, but kale can add eve more nutrition in the form of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and beta-carotene. The leafy greens also have two grams of protein per serving.

What are your favorite healthful winter ingredients? I, myself, am very partial to Brussels sprouts--much to my little kids' dismay (they don't know what they're missing! Yet).

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