Sexercise: The Workout Trend that Needs to Die

Jason Rosell/TwitterThought it wasn't possible for another "Sexercise" workout to exist? Ha. "Sexpert" Jason Rosell, best known as Latin lover "Heat," a castoff on the reality/train-wreck show "I Love New York," has announced that he's releasing a 32-minute workout that includes "squats, lunges and booty pops designed to tone glutes, quads and calves so couples can keep going all night long." As Rosell told the New York Daily News about the video, available next week, "It gives you that longevity on the dance floor — or the bedroom." Oh, and it's being promoted with this "sexy" (read: full of gyrating women) video clip. Ugh.

Sexercise classes has been around forever — There's Pole-lates, Stiletto Step, and Strip Bar, just to name a few. And while there's nothing wrong with amping up your exercise routine to look and feel sexier, the sexercise trend seemingly cashes in on exploiting two areas women feel super-insecure about — their figures and their sex lives — to varying degrees. Crunch Fitness's now-defunct KAMA classes promised to tone and tighten women's pelvic muscles, Health magazine has suggested that women "Get buff for the bedroom" by way of pushups for "stay-on-top-all night strength," and perhaps the most offensive, The Cut's "How I Turned my Sex Life Into an Exercise Routine," detailing the writer's quest to work out and have sex simultaneously. Whatever happened to just hitting the gym, or for that matter, just having sex?

Exercise is a time to sweat out the stress from our day, not deal with our deficiencies. But a bicep routine for faster ice cream-carton to-mouth coordination? Sign us up.