Sexy New Ways to Work Out

Courtesy of CrunchCourtesy of CrunchBy Meghan Reid

Looking for a change in your usual toning classes? The newest fitness trends are ones that work your tricky spots while giving you a leg up (literally) with your sex life. See which class below fits your personality for a sleek, sculpted body.

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Where: Crunch Gym, locations nationwide
Class: Pole-ography

If you always wanted to secretly whip around a pole you can now check it off your bucket list. This beginner pole dancing fitness class will teach you a simple choreographed routine broken up over a month. "You'll learn not only a routine, but some basic pole-fitness moves, such as different kind of spins, dismounts to the floor, and walking variations," says Kyra Johannesen, Crunch national pole fitness director. "The class gives you an upper-body workout and is great cardio because it's continual movement." Not to mention, you'll earn some extra brownie points at home with your new moves before getting busy.

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Where: Go Diva Studio, Bloomfield, New Jersey
Class: Go Seduction

As you can guess from the title of the class, this 60-minute workout will teach you some super-sexy dance moves while working up a serious sweat. "We teach a lot of moves that enhance your sex appeal and help you to learn to appreciate your body," says Ty Smith, part owner of Go Diva Studio. But don't write it off as just another silly dance class. Smith says you'll definitely be sore the next day due to the high cardio routine of constant moving and shaking.

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Where: Vixen Fitness, Orlando, Florida
Class: Sexy Lap Dance

We've all seen the standard lap dance gone wrong in our favorite rom-coms, where the bubbly actress starts by strutting her stuff, only to twist her ankle in her stilettos, throwing her bra on a lit candle and catching the bedroom on fire. Avoid a disaster scenario like this of your own with the help of this class, which teaches you the basics to lap dancing while wearing lingerie and heels. "This is the type of workout you do without even realizing you're working out," says Kristen Evans, Vixen fitness instructor. Plus, it's probably the only place aside from the privacy of your bedroom it's acceptable to don fishnet stocking during daylight hours.

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Where: Gold's Gym, locations nationwide
Class: Zumba

This hybrid class of salsa, merengue, and cumbia popped into the mainstream fitness scene and few years ago, but since then has quickly become one of the most effective and fun ways to lose weight for all ages and genders. "Expect to get a full-body workout from top to bottom -- every muscle is being worked," says Lynn Mele, Gold's Gym group fitness manager. Switch up the usual dinner and drinks date night and rope your guy to this class instead.

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Where: Sedusa Studios, Campbell/Los Gatos, South San Francisco, Walnut Creek, California
Class: Sensual Dance

A 6-week class designed to teach you the art of exotic dance, without the embarrassment of learning on your own at home (only to get walked in on by your hubby, kids, the dog, etc.!). "This class helps students to be more flexible, confident, and gain balance by actually doing the class in 6-inch stiletto heels!" says Carol Whitsett, RD, Sedusa Studios owner. Other techniques practicing in front of your mirror solo won't help with? "Using eye contact and the sense of touch," says Whitsett. Get in your cardio and a core burn while improving your posture, not to mention surprising a special someone later!

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