Shake Up Your Workout Routine With These Tips

Source: Shake Up Your Workout Routine With These Tips

Have you been doing the same set of exercises or the same cardio workout all Summer? Transitioning from seasons can be a good time to evaluate your routine. Here are some ways you can beat boredom and remotivate yourself into loving your exercise routine.

  • Try a different time. If you always exercise in the morning, pick an afternoon or evening when you have time and try exercising then instead. You may find that you hate it and can't wait to get back to your early morning routine, but you may also find that exercising at a different time gives you more energy, helps you workout longer, or works better with your new schedule.
  • Change up those intervals. You know that interval workouts are the key to keep you from being bored on the machine, but doing the same one over and over may do the same thing. Is your elliptical workout getting you down? Try a new workout that changes up the speed, intensity of your intervals. It may be just what you need to keep your body from reaching a plateau or help ward off utter boredom.

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  • Class hop. Whether you've been curious about that yoga studio that all your friends have been talking about or a new class schedule just went up at your gym, now's the time to start thinking about checking out a few new (or new-to-you) classes. Many studios and gyms change up their schedule's with the season, so if you usually only go for the classes you've tried before, try taking a closer look at the new schedule and picking out one that interests (or scares!) you.
  • Freshen up your workout wardrobe. Get on those end-of-Summer sales or finally cave to a sneaker obsession! Just changing a few elements of your normal workout wardrobe can inject a whole new attitude into your exercise routine, or at least make you want to show off your new duds while you're sweating it out.
How do you shake up your exercise routine?

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