Join the Shine Sport fantasy football league!

Hello, friends – and welcome to Shine Sport's fantasy-football league! I'm Sarah D. Bunting, Shine Sport poobah and league commissioner, and late August is one of my favorite times of year, even though it's still hot and gross outside, and familiarity has bred contempt for all my pairs of sandals. Why? Because late August means fantasy-draft time.

I loooooove the fantasy draft. I love psyching out my brother-in-law so he doesn't take Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, trash-talking my friend Triple R's Steelers picks in the chat window, even love yelling at my laptop for that one guy's friend's cousin to hurry up and take a tight end already.

The only thing I love more than the fantasy draft is the team itself, and obsessing over it to a ridonk degree for five months. I never thought I would become That Lady – doing a supplemental draft from her Blackberry at the airport (my friend Bean), or borrowing a total stranger's iPhone to switch out her kickers (my friend Sarah) (…fine, that was actually me, but the guy was really understanding about it!). I made fun of That Lady all the time, in fact – until I realized that half the country is That Lady (or Guy) on game day.

We want you to join our league, and be Those Ladies (or Guys!) with us. We can't wait to see the hilarious names you come up with for your teams, the partisan picks you make ("J-E-T-S!"), and the stacks of points you rack up. All you have to do is tell us a story – about your most obsessive, hilarious, over-the-top That Fantasy Lady moment. Did you keep dating a guy you didn't dig, just because he gave you good advice about your running backs? Excuse yourself from a family dinner "for a work call" (actually checking the Monday-night scores)? Update your line-ups while in labor? Tell us your crazy tales; we promise not to judge you. ...Unless you stacked your roster with Buffalo Bills.

Just kidding! I did that one year. It happens. Anyway: the funniest, most maniacal fantasy-league stories (we'll count bonkers behavior for other fantasy sports and/or college-hoops brackets, too) could get you drafted into our league.

It's easy: post your story in our comments section; then send us an email including your name, email address, and a copy of your comment. We'll take it from there! Send those emails to shine_sport at yahoo dot com. And to create your own fantasy league, click right here!

Our draft is August 28 at 6:45 PM ET / 3:45 PM PT, so get those stories in fast (don't worry if you can't make it; autodraft is your friend) (sometimes).

Now if you'll excuse me, Vice Commish Beston and I have to get into a meaningless argument about Sanchez vs. Tebow.

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