Shop Smarter: 100-Calorie Store-Bought Desserts

Source: Shop Smarter: 100-Calorie Store-Bought Desserts

Some nights, an after-dinner treat is the only way to satisfy taste buds. Homemade recipes are almost always best, but there's not always time to slave away in the kitchen! Whether you're craving a chocolatey, frozen, or fruity dessert, each of these store-bought treats are 100 calories or less, so feel free to indulge without any guilt.

  • Ciao Bella Sorbet Singles: We were thrilled when Ciao Bella started offering single-serve portions - equipped with a spoon! - so we wouldn't be tempted to dig too deep into a big pint. While many of the fruity flavors are around 100 to 130 calories, the blood orange flavor is just 80 calories for the cup. This sorbet is tart, sweet, and oh-so satisfying.
  • Snackwell's 100-Calorie Packs: Get your salty and sweet on with Snackwell's yogurt-covered pretzels that luckily come in 100-calorie packs. With a portion-controlled sweet ending, it's easier to resist temptation. Just don't open too many bags!
  • Klondike 100-Calorie Bars: What would you do for a Klondike bar? Now you don't need to worry, since the iconic treat comes in 100-calorie servings. In addition the classic chocolate-covered ice cream, Klondike offers 100-calorie ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bars covered in English toffee.

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  • Fiber One Brownies: Up your fiber intake with a sweet low-calorie treat. These Fiber One brownies offer 20 percent of your daily recommended fiber at just 90 calories per luscious brownie.
  • Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars: When you're craving a cup of vanilla bean ice cream, try a lighter Yasso Greek frozen yogurt bars instead. Each bar offers seven grams of protein for just 80 calories and plenty of probiotic power for a healthy belly.
  • Halo Top Creamery Light Ice Cream: While many low-calorie ice creams disappoint, Halo Top light ice cream has the mouthfeel and creaminess you're craving, without all the sugar and fat. The four current flavors are just 70 to 80 calories per serving - with seven grams of protein to boot! Each is delicious, but we're partial to the refreshing lemon cake flavor.

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  • Jell-O Fat-Free Pudding: Feeling nostalgic? Indulge in a Jell-O fat-free pudding cup that's 100 calories per serving. There's nothing better than that chocolate and vanilla swirl.
  • Dreyer's Fruit Bars: There are plenty of frozen fruit bars in your grocer's freezer aisle, but Dreyer's Outshine strawberry bars are made with real fruit juice and no extra added sugars. At 80 calories per refreshing pop, this is a treat you should always have handy in your freezer.
  • Chobani Bites: Chobani Greek yogurt is delicious any time of the day, but we were thrilled when the brand's sweet 100-calorie bites hit the scene! They're the perfect post-workout snack or after-dinner treat, and while all the flavors are delicious, we love the Chobani bite caramel with pineapple flavor.