Shopping for healthier juice: 3 things to zero in on

Juice labels are downright misleading, so we asked nutritionist Lauren Slayton of for tips on how to pick the good stuff.

Don't be swayed by buzzwords. Claims like "heart-healthy" or "antioxidant-rich" are regulated by the FDA-but that doesn't mean the juice isn't packed with sugar or other additives. Scan the nutritional panel to see how a product stacks up (pay close attention to calories and sugar).

Make sure it's pure. Steer clear of products with "natural flavors" (typically made with corn syrup), "concentrate" (highly processed juice that has more sugar than nutrients), artificial sweeteners and food coloring. If you want pure cranberry juice, the bottle should say "100 percent cranberry juice"-end of story.

Beware of juice "cocktails." Also avoid "light" juices and any that are described as a "drink" or "punch." These red flags usually indicate that a product has minimal fruit juice and lots of added sugar and artificial ingredients.

By Daisha Cassel | Photography by Boyle & Gardner

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