Can You Sing 'Rapper's Delight' like Sandra Bullock?

By Maria Murriel

Sandra Bullock got the beats.During a harmless web hunt for mid-day cheer, I found gossip blog Jezebel's post of a video in which eternal sweetheart Sandra Bullock gets down to some Sugarhill Gang beats. That's right: Miss Congeniality spits the words to "Rapper's Delight" perfectly in this clip, and it's really all you need to see or hear today.
Now, maybe I'm over-impressed by her bars because, having learned English in a Spanish-first school in South America, and being ever unable to master tongue twisters in the King's Tongue, I've never done more than bob my head to "Rapper's Delight." The verses (and gibberish) go just too fast.

Maybe you can follow along with Ms. Bullock below. I just watched with a cheesy grin on my face.