Skin Cancer Awareness Month TIP

By Paula Simpson, B.A.Sc (Nutrition), RNCP, Health and Beauty Expert

Did you know May is
Skin Cancer Awareness Month?

As skin cancers are reaching epidemic promotions, we may need to refocus our efforts in best protecting the health and appearance of our skin from the damaging effects of chronic sun exposure.

Over time, ultraviolet rays are well known to be the causal factor in

  • premature aging,
  • inflammatory skin conditions, and
  • skin cancers.
Topical sunscreens protect the skin from ultraviolet rays by scattering or absorbing the rays before they can cause damage to the skin cells. However, as we forget to apply or reapply our sunscreens (or even miss certain areas), there may be an additional way for you to help protect the health of your skin.

A growing body of research concludes that certain antioxidants may further protect the skin from the permanent damage cause by sun exposure. On the top of list: Green tea, cocoa, polyphenols from berries, cantaloupe, and tomatoes (particularly tomato paste as it is lycopene rich), have shown in human clinical studies to help reduce the post-inflammatory response cause by sun exposure and may help to protect the skin cells from permanent cellular damage.

So what does this mean? First of all, you should always apply a topical SPF on a daily basis, but if you are seeking added protection for your skin, you may want to implement certain antioxidants into your diet and/or supplement with a antioxidant rich formulation to optimize skin protection both topically and internally!

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With international recognition as a Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Paula has over 15 years of experience in formulation and program development for the Nutraceutical and Medical Aesthetic Industry. Paula has worked with many top celebrities and models over the years and currently is also a contributing editor and often sought by many of the leading health and beauty publications.

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