SNL Spoofs Seasonale in the Best Real-Fake Drug Ad Ever

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesIf I see one more sad pill wandering the streets or another woman twirling in a sea of grassy green or pushing away her plate with food still left on, I may need medication myself.

The culture of drug ads has not only made us aware of prescriptions we never would have known or cared about, it has seeped into our conversation in its own sick way. How many times have you heard a co-worker chuckle over a Cialis moment? Your mother-in-law pray to God for a little Ambien to survive the snoring tsunami? Thank God for Saturday Night Live, who, with host Tina Fey (love her!) took on the period pills that somehow seem way too good to be true.

Possibly the best real-fake drug ad I've ever seen, Tina Fey and the spot-on cast of SNL spoofed the birth control pill Seasonale (watch it here). The ad is pretty funny, offering up a giggle about what might happen if Aunt Flow only visited once a year (as the ad says, "hold on to your bleeping hat!" and ladies, I know you are nodding your Midol-druggy heads). But the hook is the rolling list of side-effects, narrated in a soothing voice over and warning against pregnant women turning their fetuses into firemonsters, growing leathery tails when you do get your period and -- this is hilarious -- the possibility of growing a second vajayjay.

Now that we can spend our time laughing about the ridiculousness of drug ads rather than zoning out during another real one interrupting American Idol, which would you like to see Tina spoof next?