Sorry Dad, can't talk. Ovulating.

In weird scientific research news: a study came out today suggesting women don't like to call their fathers when they're ovulating. The Miami New Times reports:

"University of Miami Psychologist Debra Lieberman lead a team which analyzed the cell phone records of 48 women in their reproductive years and then compared that to the woman's high and low fertility days. They found that woman call their fathers less frequently during those high fertility days, in fact they're 50 percent less likely to call daddy. Of course, father's don't know when their daughters are fertile (well, hopefully most don't), so they don't call their daughters any less during high fertility days. However, when the ladies are fertile they're much more likely to end the call quickly."

First of all, ew. Second of all, this may be something to keep in mind for yourself, but not an excuse to share with your dad. Third of all: Blame Tony Danza for planting the seed of awkwardness in our collective minds. After watching that episode of "Who's the Boss" where he shops for training bras for Samantha, father-daughter relationships were never the same.

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