Special ballpersons, girls on the boys' team, and the end for Kim Clijsters: Lunch Trey

Grabbing a quick bite to go on today's Lunch Trey:

Kim Clijsters, who mounted one of the great post-mat-leave comebacks in sports history, has begun her retirement following yesterday's tight loss to Laura Robson of England. Clijsters was disappointed that her last major bid ended so quickly, but said of 4-year-old daughter Jada, "I think she's going to be excited to kind of have her mom around more, on a more regular kind of basis.''

Erin DiMeglio is having slightly better luck -- she's a QB for her high-school football team, and she's getting some snaps even though she's the third-stringer at the position. The coach, Doug Gatewood, implied that DiMeglio's not the first young woman he's had try out for the team; she's just the first who's really good: "I had a girl try out at wide receiver that couldn't make it through practice and I had a kicker that really couldn't make a field goal, so I didn't keep them. Erin can actually do what we ask of her...she completes the passes I ask, she knows the plays. ... Anything I ask her to do, she does." Mr. Gatewood didn't ask me to rewatch "Quarterback Princess," but I'm going to do that this afternoon, trust.

Rivals: The Heisman race begins

And in our final heartwarming spot: Ryan McIntosh, an Army vet and amputee currently employed as a...well, calling him a "ballboy" is weird, because 1) he's 23, and 2) anyone who stepped on a land mine as an American soldier has probably done a whole lot of maturing in a hurry. Let's go with "retrieval liaison," as befits McIntosh's awesomeness. McIntosh and his carbon-fiber right leg are earning a measly $7.75 an hour out in Flushing, and McIntosh says his biggest goal is to blend in: "'It's the same when I'm in the Army. I'm just a specialist. I'm not anything special. I don't consider myself a wounded warrior. When I have my uniform on, you cannot tell. And that's kind of my biggest goal here, too.'' I disagree that he's nothing special -- I wouldn't last an hour in that job on my two original legs.