Stave Off the Sick

Mother Nature can't make up her mind.

The weather has been unpredictable as seasons are changing, and guess what that does to your bod? Yep, our immune systems tend to go haywire when the outside environment goes from cold to warm (and then back to cold, then warm again - we're really not sure what season it is).

Your internal temperature adapts to keep you healthy, but often not without getting tired on you first. Here's what you can do to beat the (your) system and stop sickness in its tracks:

Easy Does It

When you feel that tickle in your throat, slow down mama - you're moving too fast. Your body is fighting a foreign invader, so it can't meet those deadlines, burn fat in spin class or even look remotely pretty on that second date (seriously, stay home). To avoid being out of the game even longer, try to cut your schedule in half. Cancel or postpone things to conserve energy to bounce back fast. Easier said than done, you're thinking. Yeah. But a day or two of downtime is better than bed-rest for a week.

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Liquid Fast

Flush the germs away by drinking a lot of filtered water. Warm and cozy liquids are killer immunity-boosters and detoxers. Boil some hot water for tea or add a squeeze of lemon. Veggie stock is your friend. Another fav? Ginger honey. Chop up a lot of ginger and let it sit in a cup of honey. You can chew on the softened ginger sweets for your cough and add the ginger-honey mix into your soothing teas. Drink like you did in college. Ready? Go.

Neti What?

Your mucus levels are probably off. So avoid sugars and packaged foods. To clear out your nose and throat once or twice a day, try a Neti pot. They sell affordable plastic ones at Whole Foods. Honestly, if you Neti pot daily, you will rarely ever get super sick. People with allergies also swear by them. It takes few tries to get the hang of pouring water up your snout (and yes, you're going to look silly), but trust me - it's worth it. Spitting it out is fine too.

Rest and Relaxation

Take a nap. Let yourself curl up on the couch if you're feeling drowsy. Turn off the TV, your computer and cell phone. Get a good night's sleep. Get more than a good night's rest. You need it and you deserve it. Take a warm bath or shower to wash away the sicky germs. Add Epsom salts to help pull out those excess toxins.

Sicky Sheets

Change your sheets after that first sick day - pillowcases and all. And don't throw them in the hamper to sit until after you feel better. If you can't wash them right away, put them in a big garbage bag and throw them in a closet that you don't open often.

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Keep it Clean

Escape the germ pool that you're living in, especially if you've been sitting in the same sick pajamas for more than a day (you grubby thing, you). If you're using tissues frequently, get them as far away from you as soon as possible. Throw the trash outside several times a day. Wash your hands after each cough or sneeze (use antibacterial solutions or baby wipes if you can't make it to a sink). If you keep the germs away, they can't keep playing.

What do you do when a cold threatens to take you down? We'd love to hear your tips. Join the discussion and leave a comment on our site.