Steve Ward Shares His Advice for Dating After 50

Steve Ward Shares His Advice for Dating after 50

Steve shares his advice with Mary Jo (who has been single since her divorce nine years ago) on how to meet a man and how to change her life:

Hire a matchmaker.

Make a life change or relocate to change your patterns.

Go to different places to eat, workout, shop and be positive when you're there. You'll meet different people in different places.

Remain eternally young. Age is only a number if you act young, you'll feel young.

If you feel awkward asking a guy out, make a suggestion. Instead of asking a guy out, say, "There's a great coffee shop around the corner, we should check it out."

Some people prefer to communicate via text or via the phone, and men don't usually know. It's the woman's responsibility to let the guy know what you want.

After you make a suggestion, you set an expectation. So, if you say, "Let me give you my card," then you should follow up with, "Why don't you call me later in the week to set something up"

Where do you meet people? How have you gotten back on your feet after a breakup or divorce? Send us an email.

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